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Besides, the area of a driver face is completely insignificant when it comes to being large enough to create enough drag through the air to slow down a golfer’s natural clubhead speed. Very forgiving, I’m hitting more fairways than anything and the lesson definitely contributed. Seriously, I think the price is more unappealing than the colo,r, and it’s not as garish as the Cobra yellow, IMO. Bright colors and chrome do more to advertise the driver’s presence in my bag than anything else. Typically, when you see a $350 shaft in a $500 driver it’s a red flag.

According to Callaway, it’s not a made for shaft, and Aldila confirms the shaft is not exclusive to Callaway. It’s available in the aftermarket, one was in play at the Sony last week , and there’s no reason why it couldn’t find its way into other OEM lineups. That might sound like a compromise, but it’s also inarguably true.

  • Direct download of your audio file is available through Oddcast, allowing users to have the files on hand whenever needed.
  • Their tts software, despite not being their focus, is one of the largest and broadest available download Resume Builder.
  • They have developed software that specializes in voice and video and can easily translate into the tts field.

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While the design can be expected to produce lower spin, Callaway didn’t obsess over creating the lowest spinning driver it possibly could. Instead, based on tour player feedback, it concentrated its efforts on making a driver that would produce the desired shot shape. Effectively it’s about hitting the target line and then having the ball fall in the desired direction over the final 3rd of its flight.

With Mavrik’s Cyclone Aero Shape, more so than TaylorMade and Cobra, Callaway flattened the crown a bit and raised the skirt sections of the driver, while keeping the trailing edge high. By traditional design standards, TaylorMade and Cobra’s tall skirt designs would be considered unconventional. There’s a case to be made that Callaway has taken things a step further. Because it can achieve speed and spin robustness without a big body, Callaway was able to do some things with the shape of its driver to improve the aerodynamics. Improving sound involves altering both pitch and the duration over which specific frequencies resonate. Through the AI-driven placement of internal sound ribs, Callaway says it was able to resolve the sound issues. TaylorMade and Cobra see their shapes as the current and foreseeable future of driver design.

Having new equipment brought to the market every 6-12 months, your resale is virtually worthless. Golf Galaxy, for example, marks up every trade-in 100%. So if you have an Epic Flash, paid $550, your trade-in value, according to the PGA guide which GG uses, is $144. They love it, because on the Mavrik they will make $100 net profit (20%), but on your trade they make $150 (100%), plus $100 on your new driver. GG and Dick’s also makes 60% on balls and 100%+ on clothing. Bottom line is they are in business to make money, sorry to hurt your feelings. And by that time the head is already at it’s full clubhead speed because the golfer has completed releasing the club.

As we’ve discussed in TaylorMade SIM and Cobra Speedzone driver launch stories, designing for higher MOI often means tradeoffs elsewhere. Specifically, high MOI shapes are typically less aerodynamically efficient , and boosting inertia usually mandates higher centers of gravity. It can also contribute to comparably slower ball speeds and, in some cases, declines in head speed too.